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Spathiphyllum, everyone’s favourite

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Value for money… and attractive in more ways than one: Spathiphyllum

The Spathiphyllum is an ideal plant, whichever way you look at it. Care for the plant is straightforward; it is easy to transport, even over longer distances, and perhaps best of all, inexpensive. Comparable plants offering a similar volume of leaves and flowers can cost up to twice as much. And to top it all, your Spathiphyllum will cleanse the very air you breathe. An extraordinary plant therefore, with an individual narrative.

The Spathiphyllum has enjoyed continuous popularity in Europe since the 19th century. It is related to the Arum and originates in Central America. Thanks to the striking shape of the large white flowers it produces, the Spathiphyllum is known as the ‘spoon plant’. It is also commonly referred to as the Peace Lily.

The air purifying qualities of the Spathiphyllum are so powerful, that the plant has been demonstrated even to absorb substances such as benzene and formaldehyde. It breaks down these compounds and converts the toxins into oxygen. The Spathiphyllum is highly recommended for spaces which are occupied by large numbers of people, to neutralise the effects of the volumes of stale and exhausted air.
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