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Bestplant’s ambition is to let as many people as possible experience these special air-purifying plants with its almost 100,000 m2 of cultivation area! Sustainability is a recurring focus in the organisation and forms the basis in terms of work, the environment and technology. Making the world more beautiful and healthier is Bestplant’s incentive, and the plants that we cultivate emphasise this with their air-purifying effect!


At Bestplant we adjust flexibly to the market. Our customers’ supply and demand are monitored daily entirely online. The energy market is also important. Bestplant strives for sustainable and energy-neutral cultivation. We generate electricity with solar panels, and the sun heats our greenhouses. We retain that heat inside with our screen as much as possible. We hardly use any gas and keep our plants warm with geothermal energy. That involves hot water from the ground which we use to heat our greenhouse sustainably.

We collect rainwater and use it for the sustainable cultivation of our plants. We draw on biology to protect our lovely plants in a sustainable manner. We minimise our consumption, reuse our raw materials and recycle. And the energy our employees use is also handled sustainably, we support each other as a team, and with the sustainable cultivation of our air-purifying plants, we at Bestplant are contributing to a more beautiful and healthier world.


One of the ways we make our organisation and cultivation method even more sustainable this is by measuring our ecological footprint as a reflection of sustainability, improving and strengthening chain transparency, and facilitating sustainable R&D processes. The ultimate goal is to make the residential, work and living environment of people more beautiful and healthier, to leave a habitable planet behind for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The name Bestplant says it all. We strive for the best in everything we do: product quality, traceability, sustainability, fairness and transparency. It’s our life’s purpose. For that reason, we subject ourselves to tough inspections, which has resulted in five certifications. They give our business relations and consumers the assurance that our company is just as fine as the plants that we produce:

  • MPS-A – Sustainable business operation is our standard.
  • MPS-GAP – Security for the retail sector.
  • MPS-Socially Qualified – Because we look after our people well.
  • Fytagoras – For our scientifically proven strongly air-purifying plants