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Since 1994 Bestplant has been the absolute specialist in cultivating Spathiphyllum. We cultivate these plants all year round in almost 100,000 m2 of greenhouses. We sell hundreds of thousands of plants each year. Due to this large and constant production, Bestplant is extremely flexible, we always deliver exactly the desired quantities and quality, and we have the larger pot sizes: 17 to 27 cm. These massive plants give value for money.

Air-purifying plants like Spathiphyllum from Bestplant are sold under the label Air So Pure (and other labels). Air So Pure refers to a group of plants whose air-purifying effect has been scientifically proven. The presence of these plants ensures a healthier and more pleasant life and thus better well-being and productivity and less absence due to sickness. Our website, www.AirSoPure.nl, has more information about the special qualities of Spathiphyllum.



The plants at Bestplant receive the finest care. We can spend a year getting Spathiphyllum in top condition. Once the Spathiphyllum and Hortensia plants leave our greenhouses, their condition depends on the care they receive from the consumer. That is why we are happy to share our knowledge with a number of care tips.

Spathiphyllum is a houseplant that likes moderate light and moist soil. The flowers are white and the leaves green. If they discolour, cut them off as low down as possible in the plant, so the energy goes to the ‘good’ stems.

Hortensia is suitable as a garden plant that can also be indoors, it prefers moist soil and sunlight or half-shadow. Soil that contains metal produces blue flowers, while chalky soil produces pink ones. Cut flowers for the vase early in the morning or late in the afternoon.