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Spathiphyllum, proven purification

Many years ago, NASA investigated the oxygen production quality of various plant types, in the hope that this could assist with space exploration. This research revealed something quite fascinating: a Spathiphyllum plant exerts a strong purifying effect on the ambient air. It converts CO2 into oxygen, and does so much more efficiently than other plants. In addition, the plant is effective in breaking down hazardous substances, whilst also improving the levels of humidity in the air. This investigation has been replicated on many occasions by for example the independent research organisation TNO. And every time the beneficial effects of having a Spathiphyllum in your space have been confirmed. And not just for the home, this also applies equally to schools and workplaces.

Air purifying plants such as Bestplant’s Spathiphyllum are marketed under the ‘Air So Pure’ label among others. You will find further information on the Air So Pure website regarding the specific qualities of the Spathiphyllum. Have a look at