How to care for your Hydrangea

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Ten care tips for your Hydrangea

  • The hydrangea is an external plant, however it will also do well in an interior spot.
  • The hydrangea prefers a moist soil, for example clay.
  • If the hydrangea is standing in a sandy soil, give it more water.
  • Place the plant in the sun or in the semi-shade.
  • Fertilising is permitted, however not too much, as this will cause the leaves to grow faster than the flowers.
  • Cutting down is possible, however do this carefully. For example, do one half of the branches one year, the other half the following year.
  • Metal in the soil produces blue flowers. You can do this by using rusty nails or alum. Special feed is also available for this.
  • Lime in the soil produces pink flowers.
  • Cut the dead flowers just above the new flower bud. Be careful not to cut the new bud off.
  • If you wish to cut flowers for a vase, do this early in the morning or later in the afternoon.