How to care for your begonia

Tips from the professionals

Ten care tips for your Begonia

  • A begonia prefers a semi-shaded external spot, sheltered from the wind.
  • Regularly check to feel if the compost is still moist. Due to sunlight, and of course due to wind, pot soil will dry out much quicker than indoors.
  • Ensure the pot has a means for letting excess water drain off; begonias don’t like wet feet.
  • When choosing a pot, go for wider over deeper. The begonia’s root system is widespread, not deep.
  • Preferably use lime-free water (demineralised water).
  • Add a small dose of fertiliser once a week when the plant is flowering.
  • Do not spray the leaves.
  • The flowers are delicate. Try to touch them as little as possible.
  • Remove the dead flowers. Removing the dead flowers, will encourage the begonia to make new ones and extend the flowering period.
  • Did you know that a begonia which has finished flowering can be given a new lease on life? After the winter flowering period, let it rest in a cool room. Cut the plant back a little after flowering. After a few weeks, re-pot the begonia. Slowly increase the amount of water and when the temperatures outside have become more pleasant, move the plant back outside. And look: a new begonia!


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